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Our mission statement is based on John 15:5: "I am the vine, you are the branches.  Those who abide in me, and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing."

Our Mission is to worship and serve Jesus Christ by proclaiming his Gospel to all persons.

As servants of Christ, we will always be a community of love, hope, service and reconciliation.


We at Trinity participate in mission work that benefits those both inside and outside of our local community.  There are also many opportunities to be involved within our church family, including ushering, greeting, hosting coffee fellowship, volunteering in the children's ministry, joining a committee, and participating in groups.  There is a place for everyone at Trinity.

The Presbyterian Church operates democratically where representatives of the whole govern every part of the church, and decisions are founded on the example of the apostles and the practice of the early church.  Our Session is made up of elected elders.  At Trinity, each member of Session serves on one or two committees that maintain church functions.  We also have a board of elected Deacons who aid in the care of our congregational needs.


Trinity has a long history in Uniontown.  It is not known when a congregation began meeting together, but the first pastor was invited to serve as Stated Supply in 1817 and installed as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in 1819.  The congregation built the present church building and dedicated it on March 8, 1896.  The sanctuary's original grandeur reflected the opulence of the Gilded Age.  The most beloved and outstanding feature of the building is the beautiful stained glass windows attributed to the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company of New York.  The window designs were taken from art master works by celebrated artists. 


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One God eternally existent in Three Persons as Father-Son-Holy Spirit, The Trinity. One God with Three Unique Personalities that inter-relate with one another. God is vitally alive and intimately at work in his creation.

Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Jesus opened the way (through the Holy Spirit) for his Salvation and Lordship to come into our lives. Through God’s grace we are saved and have been given the joyful opportunity to obey and serve him.
Christ’s Death and Resurrection

These are physical and literal, and have dealt the deathblow to satan and evil. Christ has died and has been raised from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit, to open the door wide for salvation and to restore all of creation.

Return of Christ

Jesus will return in power and great glory to gather his Church to himself. We, the church, will then live eternally together in a glorified state, along with the heavenly host.
Word of God

The Word of God is living and active and is our written authority in life and practice. The Word, along with the Holy Spirit, is the compass and bedrock for my ministry and all that I am and do.

Lord’s Supper and Baptism. In these acts of worship, the Living Christ is made near to us in real ways by the Holy Spirit. In the Supper, we are rejoicing in Christ’s death and resurrection. In the Water, we are set apart as Christ’s people and find a place in his Body, the Church.

The Body of Christ. We, the Church, are called to a joyful life with Christ and are called to accountability to Christ; we are a body of disciples ever connected to Christ and one another.
Mission / Evangelism

The Church is the hands and feet of Jesus. Jesus works through disciples to touch the lives of persons and the entire creation for the glory of God and to achieve God’s purposes.

Sin is anything that moves us away or separates us from Christ. Jesus died for our sin and rose from the dead victorious over anything that might attempt to separate us from God. Our sin needs to be dealt with through the Cross and Resurrection of Christ. We are saved by grace.

We are justified through faith. We are made right with God through Christ. It is Christ who does this mighty work and it is the Holy Spirit who makes it real to us. As soon as a person has given their life to Christ, they are now “saints”, they are no longer “sinners”.

I refer to this in relation to a saint that is in the life-long sin recovery program that we call sanctification (II Cor. 5).
Creeds and Confessions

Pastor Jim affirms all twelve of the creeds, lives and worships with and by them.

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